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  • Basic Education High School

    The Secondary Level of education will primarily prepare students to further their education in university and vocational study. The school improves the students knowledge in science by using up-to-date new technology and techniques to allow them to pursue a hands on education.

    Specific Objectives of the High School Department:
    A Paulinian High School student shall at all times:
    • Exhibit a higher level of skills in reading, writing, arithmetic. written and oral communication so as to be ready for college and other post high school studies;
    • Show marked degrees of recognition of his obligations to God. his fellowmen, to himself and others and thus, commit himself to the building of the community;
    • Demonstrate his belief in the good, the beautiful and the true in life as manifested in his ability to set worthy ideals and goals in order to choose future profession on the basis of his capabilities;
    • Translate into action in his daily life the values of Christian life laid down by the home and the school.


    High School Department
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    Tel: (035) 225-1506
    Local: 231

    Basic Education Grade School

    The Primary Level of education will focus on the students ability to express their own ideas, feelings, and emotions. The ability of being able to solve problems intelligently and success in vocational, social, education and citizenship activities will enable the students to be future leaders in their country.
    Specific Objectives of the Grade School Department:
    The Grade School Department envisions each student to develop holistically anchored on the 5 SPC Core Values (Christ-centered. Commission, Community, Charism and Charity.)
    The Grade School graduate is able to:
    • Grow in his Catholic faith and deepen Gospel value prayers, religious and spiritual activities.
    • Live-out the "Charity of Christ" through the various activities: academic and non- academic.
    • Actualize the Paulinian spirit of being warm, friendly. humble, simple, all to all and hardworking boys and girls at home, school and community.
    • Relate the four Pillars of Learning: to know, to do, to live together, and to be as active member of the society in appreciating the Filipino culture, customs and traditions.
    • Equip the students with basic skills in communication, mathematics, technology, and in the development of their aesthetic abilities ready for the Secondary Education level.

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