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    Professors, Human Resource Personnel, Media Correspondents, Guidance Counselors and Teachers – these are just few of the roles that a CAED graduate can assume in our community. The College of Art & Education of St. Paul University Dumaguete is an umbrella which covers a variety of courses from Teacher Education to Psychology and to different Liberal Arts courses. Both Teacher Education and Liberal Arts programs were granted Level III status by PAASCU.

    The College of Arts & Education Department takes root from one of the oldest college courses offered in St. Paul – the Two-Year Junior Normal College Course.  As early as the 1940’s, St. Paul Academy has already been developing future teachers and throughout the years, many of our graduates have soared successfully in the world of academe.

    International Practice Teaching privileges, Board Exam Topnotchers, International Conferences, Outstanding Students of the Philippines candidates, Awards from different National award-giving bodies –these are among the achievements that our students can be proud of.  All these, and more, the College of Arts & Education department continuously provides opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields. Various activities like religious involvement, student circle, Leadership Trainings, CAED Week Activities, Research Involvement, Community Extension Programs,  to name a few are organized to maximize their full potentials.

    The College of Arts & Education takes pride in being their family away from home where they are taken care of from enrolment until employment.  The department make sure that students feel loved as part of ONE BIG CAED FAMILY. 



    In its desire for teacher excellence, the Intensive Review for Teacher Education graduates was coined in 2011. This is one of the avenues where graduates are guided and assisted to be able to pass if not excel with flying colors in Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT). Since then, the percentage of BLEPT passers improved and the program maintained its level of achievement.


    The contents are based on the Teacher Education Curriculum as circulated in CHED Memo No. 30 s. 2004 which is anchored on the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards. Furthermore, the whole process ensures the adoption of the NCBTS-Based Tables of Specifications.

    Phase 1: Area of Specialization
    This is given during Saturdays and Sundays of the month of July at the university.

    Phase 2: General and Professional Education Courses
    This is an in-house review for the whole month of August.

    Phase 3: Final Preparation
    This includes sessions on Testing Skills, Final Coaching and Pre-board Examination prior to the Final Examination.


    Prayer Vigil
    Daily Mass

    The Teacher Education Faculty also extends their assistance to the BLEPT takers in the filing of their application at PRC until the Board Examination day.


    To mentally equip the graduates of teacher education program with the necessary knowledge and skills for their board examination. Furthermore, other activities are given to prepare them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


    To further enhance the preparation of the Teacher Education students of SPUD, the program initiates a Diagnostic Examination for Pre-service Teachers (DEPT) specifically the 3rd Year students as one of the performance bases of the intensive review. 



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