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  • Curriculum Highlights

    SPUD’s commitment to students is to provide education of the highest quality from committed and competent staff in a unique and supportive environment, and to make their time rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

    Excellence-Driven Academic Programs

    SPUD, being considered as a vanguard of Paulinian education in the Philippines, has a pool of highly-competent faculty with masteral and doctoral degrees in their respective fields of discipline. The various programs offered by the University are PAASCU-Accredited, Level III and approved institutionally under the ISO Certification for Quality Management System. SPUD has consistently surpassed the National Board Examination Passing rate for Nursing and Accountancy. SPUD College of Nursing is one of the outstanding nursing schools in the Philippines.

    Industry-Based Curriculum

    Aligned with the requirements of CHED, the curriculum is based on Gospel Values, industry standards and demands.

    Local and International On-the-Job Training (OJT)

    To prepare students for local and global competitiveness, SPUD exposes HRM, Business and Education Students to local internship in major establishments in key regions and cities, involves those who pass rigid screening in international work and travel programs in Singapore, Malaysia and United States.

    Value-Laden Instruction and Activities

    Values formation becomes an important component in all curricular, co-curricular and socio-cultural-spiritual activities of the University. Unique Pauline values like Christ-centeredness, charism, charity, commitment to mission are integrated in curricular instructions to ensure that students are prepared technically, professionally, and morally.

    Emphasis on Service-Learning

    SPUD’s learning philosophy emphasizes “Learning by Doing”. Students are expected to do service activities outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to serve as volunteers in the various advocacies, such as Reforestration Project, Eco-SWARM Program which focuses on the Solid Waste Management, Prison Ministry, Parish and Community Nursing Service and the like.

    Student-Centered Learning Experience

    Stimulating and engaging activities for students are provided in and out of the classrooms. The Student Affairs Office provides opportunities for the students to hone leadership skills and deepen inter-personal relationships. A strong Christian Formation Program of retreats, youth Masses, Marian Camps, Eucharistic celebrations, Taize prayers, etc., under the Campus Ministry provides Paulinians a holistic spiritual learning experience. The community extension programs provide students the opportunity to serve “the lost, the least and the last”. The various clubs and organizations are venues where students’ talents, skills and interests are honed and expressed.

    Total and Holistic Formation

    Education at SPUD extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. The various in and off campus activities contribute much to the social, cultural, and spiritual-moral formation of students. The university chapel, strategically located at the heart of the campus, provides spiritual nourishment. The vibrant SPUD campus produces alumni whose services to the community are not only globally competitive, but also "all to all".

    Innovative Learning Environment

    The University is engaged in innovative, critical and worthwile advocacies, such as environmental conservation and protection and peace-building program. For its contribution to save Mother Earth, SPUD is awarded as Region 7’s Most Sustainable and Eco-friendly School. The peace-building activities of the University include Anti-Human Trafficking, Kasambahay Training, Reforestation, Counseling, Cathechism, and Literacy Program.

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