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  • Giving You Support

    Because we want your time as a student to be enjoyable and rewarding, we provide a range of services that you can tap into.



    Group Guidance (Homeroom/Paulthenics). In view of providing opportunities for the students to experience learning situations beyond the classroom, the practice of holding group guidance activities is a must in the school. Students learn how to relate to their peers and others in social situations, and to members of the opposite sex. Group guidance provides youth the opportunities to share ideas and experiences with others within an organized setting under the direction of trained facilitators or counselors.

    This is an objective technique of measuring students personality characteristics, interests, abilities, and needs. It can validly show their educational, social, intellectual, personal and moral development. Tests administered are as follows:
    • Personality Tests - designed to measure personal and social adjustment and general-mental health.
    • Mental Ability Tests - used for appraising intellectual or mental development or capacity. It is used to measure the individuals thinking power or degree mental maturity.
    • Aptitude Tests - are used to evaluate certain abilities or potentialities essential in specific academic and professional work



    Becoming a student volunteer enables you to share your skills and interests with other students and people in the local community. You can choose to make a regular commitment or do a one-off session.

    You ll be able to find out about strengths you never knew you had, working in an area of your choice, whether on environmental issues, with local young people, in sport, helping the mothers or design educational outreach projects that help individuals in their communities. The list is growing all the time. Your experience as a volunteer will also give you an edge with future employers - they ll see your interests, your willingness to give that bit extra, your skills.

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