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  • SPUD Ends Nutrition Month in a Healthy Way

    by Jeola Charmisse Piodos

    Posted on 2018-04-30 11:17:12

    Junior and senior high school students culminated Nutrition month last July 27, 2017. Various contests were participated in such as table setting and skirting, food preparation, and shake making. The food preparation consisted of dishes that were native Filipino foods cooked in a traditional way and paired with a one of a kind vegetable shake. The Mere Maria Hall served as a backdrop for the table setting and skirting, and shake making. After the contest, students went back to their rooms and had a salo-salo eating the food made by the contestants. It was indeed a healthy way to end the Nutrition month.

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    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Camping

    by Erich Racal

    Posted on 2018-04-30 11:15:29

    Last December 2-3 was the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts’ camping held in the campus of St. Paul University Dumaguete.

    The scouts had a survival game which included building their own fire and tents, cooking rice in bamboo trunks, and learned knotting ropes. The Scouts also spent the night in their tents. The next day was spent in Amlan, Negros Oriental for a mangrove planting. Although tired from the activities , it was an experience that brought a smile to their faces and a sense of fulfillment as recounted by one young scout.

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    SPUD Celebrates the 113th Founders Week Celebration

    by Ma. Bethany Cempron

    Posted on 2018-04-30 11:04:00

    On October 29, 1904, seven Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres established its first foundation in the Philippines in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. This was the beginning of the history of St. Paul University Dumaguete. The Founders Week celebrated this momentous occasion from October 24-29 through a bunch of spiritual and fun-filled activities.

    Students from nursery to college participatedby going to triduum masses, patronizing booths that offered some games and fun such as the marriage and jail booth, movie watching in a school cinema and much more. Night time was never a bore for there were the Night of Dance, Mr. and Ms. Ambassador, Students’ Night and the grand Alumni Homecoming among others.

    The Founders Week ended in an array of colors as the students performed the various festivals of the Philippines and a showcase of cultures of the ASEAN nations.

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    Himamat 2017

    by Anne Beth Melodia

    Posted on 2018-04-30 11:01:27

    Himamat is an avenue for students to gather and create a camaraderie among each other and this happened last July 11, 2017 at the Father Louis Chauvet Hall.

    There were lots of exciting performances by the student who took the stage by storm by dancing and singing their hearts out. After all the performances, the teachers gave an explosive production number led by newbie teachers Mr. Roui Saloma, Mr. Jaybe Albesa and Ms. Fecille Lomoljo. It was an opportunity to befriend schoolmates and classmates and get a taste of what being a Paulinian is like.

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    Math and Science Month

    by Miguel Zacharias

    Posted on 2018-04-30 10:57:30

    Math and Science Month - culmination of this was on September 29 and highlighted by the MathSciYaw performers of the Grade School and Junior High School departments.The dance incorporates both math and science themes.

    Famous scientists came to life in the look-alike contest wherein one representative of each Junior High School Grade Level transform and act like Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin. Lastly, a slow bike race summed up the entire event.

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    Grade 10 Catechesis

    by Kayla Eunice Mercado

    Posted on 2018-04-30 10:50:58

    Catechesis is a way of educating our young brothers and sisters in the community, and our way of partaking in the three-fold mission of Christ.

    Being a Catechist isn^^t as simple and easy as it sounds. As always, there are struggles and problems that hold us back during the process. For two whole months, I experienced firsthand how it was being a Catechist. A process in which, without teamwork, would not have been possible. Everything was tough, from preparing the visual aids, making up games to entertain the children, and rushing up lunch just to be in time for school. I am glad to have been there for a few weeks, stressing about God while professing my faith, in under 30 minutes. In spite of all these hardships, I have no regrets at all.

    To the next batch of Catechist^^s, grab this opportunity so that children know and love our God , profess faith and do with love.

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    by Mary Jullianne Sadang

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:54:59

    Chinese New Year was celebrated last February 16, 2018 Robinsons Place Dumaguete Main Atrium wherein children ages 10 years old were encouraged to join the contest. The theme of the contest is all about 2018 as the year of the wooden earth dog. The participants need to paint something that depicts the themes of the contest. This contest is first come first serve basis and is limited to only 20 participants.

    Four from St. Paul University Dumaguete joined the contest namely, Mary Julianne Sadang, Neil Kristian Amistoso, Viola Marie Equipilag and Rachelle Villar. The awarding followed right after the contest. Everybody was a winner but only three made it to the top. Out of all participants, Viola Marie Equipilag was awarded as champion. These paintings will be displayed at the Main Atrium of Robinsons Place Dumaguete from February 16. It was expected that there will be another Chines Painting Contest next year. Good job guys, better luck next time!

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    GSP-BSP Encampment Activity

    by Monica Tumaca

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:46:19

    Last December 2, 2017, the Girl Scouts, Start Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cab Scouts together with their moderators had an Encampment Activity at the SPUD Ball field. In the morning, the scouts set up their tents. In the afternoon, they formally opened the encampment program. The Scouts gathered in patrols to start the knot-tying activity. They learned how to have teamwork and cooperation in each group. After learning the different kinds of knot-tying, a contest followed to test if the scouts mastered the skill. After the contest, the scouts practiced their presentations about saving and conserving the Environment. In the evening, scouts ate and took a short break. After the break, they gathered around the campfire to officially start the campfire activity. During the activity, the scouts performed their presentations about saving and conserving the environment. When the campfire activity was finished, the scouts had to rest early in order for them to be active for the next day’s activity.

    When Sunday morning came, they woke up at 4:00 AM and got themselves ready for the mass at the SPUD Chapel. After the mass the scouts were served with the breakfast. After breakfast, the scouts were getting ready for the mangrove planting in Amlan, Negros Oriental . While the Star and Cab Scouts had their Fun Race at the GS Ground. When the Girl and Boy Scouts arrived in Amlan, they started planting Mangroves. They had a Coastal Clean Up along their way, while the Star and Cab Scouts enjoyed the games. After the Fun Race, they practiced for their silent drill and ate the lunch ahead. When the Girl and Boy Scouts arrived from Amlan, they were tired and were served immediately. After eating their lunch, the Scouts took a short break, and after that they gathered as a Patrol for the last activity the survival cooking, where they cooked rice using a bamboo. The Scouts did a great job in this activity because they had teamwork and cooperation. Right after the survival cooking, it was the Girl and Boy Scouts turn to have the Fun Race and the games. The Scouts gathered for the awarding and the giving of badges for those who did well in the two day enrichment activity. Wow! The Scouts really enjoyed the activity! Turned out the two day activity became a one week activity for me with enjoyable activities and new experiences. Scouting is not just about the camping activities. It is about learning new things and knowing new persons.

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    by Aaron Frederick Rivadinera

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:39:35

    During the Department’s Religion month celebration activities were held on the 26th of January, an activity which is one of a kind was held. It was called “A Day with the Niños and Niñas”, which happened at the Mere Maria Hall.

    The school invited children from the day care together with their parents and their teachers. A program was held in the afternoon of that day, showing presentations of the graders, gifted dancers, who were representatives for the Pop Dance Competition during the school’s Foundation Week. Meanwhile, the Vocal Trio, which includes Celdrich Curaza, Mary Julianne Sadang and Monica Tumaca, sang Adele’s “Send my Love”. After the presentations, they were toured to the kinder classrooms, the playground and the Eco-Sanctuary. The tour was followed by the snacks. Each section took care of assigned children in their section/class.

    The children, parents and the teachers felt welcomed, as the students and teachers and also the GSSCC (Barangayette) Officers welcomed them to the school. It was a successful and tiring day, but the children went home with large smiles on their faces.

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    by Nina Requilino

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:28:19

    The MTAP Metrobank DepEd Math Challenge Finals was held last Feb. 8-9, 2018 at West City Elementary School. The day started off with a nervous yet excited feeling as they entered the contest venue. There were many students from different schools attending the contest. Everyone looked ready and eager as they wait for the contest to start. It began with a prayer then a few words of welcome to start the competition. There were different rooms designated for each grade level. Three rounds were given: the easy round, medium round, and the difficulty round. It was a challenging yet a fun-filled experience for the participants. Winners from SPUD- gradeschool were, Jigger Dipalig and Bertrand Jumuad from the grade 2 who ranked second.

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