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    CONFLUENCE Where the Minds Meet

    The Confluence journal is the official research publication of faculty researches which caters to all research-based scholarly works and articles of the teaching workforce. It contains a variety of themes and topics such as health, education, humanities, business, information technology, and spirituality. The Confluence is now available in the Philippine e-journal website.


    1. Needs Assessment of Pre-service Teachers: Basis for an Action Plan - Maricar Fores, Ed. D.

    This study aimed to identify the top five needs of the pre-service teachers that need to be developed prior to practice teaching. This research used descriptive method to explain the data of the seventy-two (72) respondents taken purposively. Moreover, the items of the questionnaire were based on the expected outcomes of the Teacher Education Program. Findings showed that writing a lesson plan, integrating motivational strategies in the lesson, demonstrating a lesson, developing, producing, and implementing appropriate tools and technology to enhance learning and teaching, and communicating both verbal and written were the top five needs of the pre-service teachers. Provision of seminars/workshops/trainings to address the gaps prior to practice teaching, yearly needs assessment for incoming fourth year students, as well as the extensive implementation of the activities in professional education courses are recommended.

    1. Health Care System of Larena, Siquijor: A Descriptive Study - Cliford M. Kilat, RN, MAN

     Health system refers to all organizations, institutions, resources, and people functioning toward the promotion of the population’s health and welfare. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are six building blocks that serve as framework for implementation of the health system such as health service delivery, health workforce, health information system, essential medicines, health financing, and leadership and governance. This paper aims to describe the existing health care delivery system in the Municipality of Larena, Siquijor. Ocular survey and personal interview based from the Donabedian Model and building blocks facilitate the collection of data. Thirteen (13) participants, including health personnel and community residents, enable the description of the current situation and challenges within the structure, process, and outcome of Larena’s health system. In its structure, the municipality has one (1) main health center and four (4) barangay health stations with adequate human resource. The process element of the Local Government Unit (LGU) maintains various programs and initiatives in achieving their vision of healthy Larenians through capacity development and achieving positive outcomes in the scorecards. In the outcome element, Larena is recognized in their performances and initiatives toward health promotion to the community. However, accessibility of folk healers than barangay health stations, limited time of consultation, political influence, and passive attitude of the community are some of the challenges that exist in the health system of Larena. In conclusion, the health care delivery system of Larena is functioning and operational in spite of the challenges and circumstances brought about by the existing determinants of health.

    1. Factors Affecting St. Paul University Dumaguete Grade School’s Enrollment: A Ten-year Trend (S.Y. 2009-2019) - Mary Francis Vega-Laquinon, MARE and Maria Fe Sadang, RSW

     Parents who enrolled their children in this prestigious university have very high expectations, including the best extracurricular activities and overall excellent Paulinian education. However, despite the quality Paulinian Education that St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) offers, there is a significant decrease of enrollment in the Grade School unit of the university. If SPUD will continue to have its long-term aspiration, what would be the university’s interventions to solve the existing enrollment trend? This research survey looked comparatively into the enrollment trend of St. Paul University Dumaguete and the reasons or factors that affected the decrease of enrollment, particularly in the Basic Education-Grade School Department. The results of this research should be of value to the administrators and Board of Trustees at SPUD who need to be informed about it and for future marketing purposes, review of guidelines, fees, policies, and activities that may attract families and encourage them to enroll their children in this institution. The data shows significant decrease of enrollment of the grade school unit for the past ten years. Reasons for the parents transferring their children to other schools were also identified and thematically clustered, namely: academics, financial cost, geographical location, and family reasons.

    1. Clinical Instructor’s Challenges and Teaching Strategies in the 21st Century - Dr. Richard Pascua, RN; Ayeza Cathrina Tinagan, RN, MAN; Erika Jane Yap, RN, MAN

     The mixed-method research design utilized Copeland and Hewson’s (2000) questionnaire through a survey of all the clinical instructors and student nurses in the fourth level from the four universities in Negros Oriental, Philippines to evaluate the level of area. The evaluations made were compared across the different universities and whether the evaluations of the students relate to those of the instructors in general. It also employed separate Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with six to eight instructors and student nurses, randomly chosen from those who have answered the questionnaire. These were analyzed through qualitative content analysis. Initially, open-coding was done to the transcribed FGD proceedings to map general categories and form themes, and consequently, a framework was created to reveal the challenges they face in the clinical area. The study revealed that the clinical instructors rated their teaching strategies as excellently effective, while the students rated them as very effective. The study also revealed that the instructors are challenged by teacher-student generation, linguistic, and cultural gaps and the students’ disturbed values system, undesirable scholastic traits, and socioeconomic state. Conversely, students are challenged by their instructors’ teaching and discipline styles. They are also confronted with institutional and personality prejudices in the clinical area. The study concluded that while the instructors and students view the effectiveness of the teaching strategies differently, they are also each other’s challenges. Thus, the study recommends enhanced teaching strategies through training.

    1. Survey on the Course Preferences of the Grade 12 Students of the St. Paul University Dumaguete - Jeneviev Deang, MAED, RGC

    This study was conducted to find out the course preferences of the Grade 12 students of St. Paul University Dumaguete of school year 2017-2018. This study also determined the students’ preferred school for college and reasons for choosing the preferred school. The sample was composed of 384 out of 514 Grade 12 students who were able to answer the survey. The results showed that the top preferred schools of the Grade 12 students are as follows: Silliman University, St. Paul University Dumaguete, and Negros Oriental State University. The following are located within the city of Dumaguete and known to be part of the most famous universities in the city. The top reasons of the Grade 12 students show that the respondents have considered the following in choosing their preferred school for college: course/program offerings, accessibility, and parent/s decision. Moreover, the top three preferred courses of the Grade 12 students are BS Accountancy, Medical Technology, and Tourism.

    1. The Self-esteem Level of College Students in St. Paul University Dumaguete - Sheilame Zuniga 

    The level of self-esteem of college students of the university is the main focus of this research. This research basically aims to understand, in a way, their academic and social behavior as an effect of their level of self-esteem. This research also seeks to give the administration, specifically the faculty, information on the level of self-esteem of their students. The dissemination of information is for the purpose of allowing them to know their students more and design good strategies suitable to their self-esteem level to promote holistic development. Furthermore, this study will be beneficial as basis for future correlational studies in relation to self-esteem and academic performance.

    SYNERGY “Shaping Young Minds through Proactive Synergy”

    The Synergy is the official research journal of student researches. Bearing the above catch phrase, this publication provides an avenue for students to be more critically-perceptive in the pragmatics of life and the environment. It contains themes and topics in health, education, and business.

    1. Test for Antibacterial Property of Chromolaena odorata (Hagonoy) Leaf Extract - June Rett Aquino

    Chromolaena odorata known also as Hagonoy is an herb widely spread in the country, most commonly in rural upland areas. They are considered as weed because they compete for soil nutrients and water against crops such as corns and peanuts. In upland rural areas, Hagonoy is traditionally used as a remedy for wounds. Vaisaki and Pandey (2011) found out the possible antioxidants present in the plant that promotes fast wound-healing property including the Phenolic acids and the complex mixtrures of lipophilic flavonoid aglycones. This study aims to determine whether Hagonoy has a potential antibacterial property. Extract from leaves were collected using the method in the study Termiticidal Potential of Hagonoy. There were 10 Nutrient Agar plates prepared for the bacterial cultures five plates per treatment. An Amoxcillin capsule is dissolved in a 50 mL distilled water and stirred. There were 30 discs that were submerged in the Amoxicillin solution for 3 minutes and 30 discs were also submerged in the Hagonoy leaf extract for 3 minutes. Water from the upper part of the Creek of St. Paul University Dumaguete was collected and used as the source of the Bacteria to grow. Kirby Bauer Disk Diffusion Test was used to determine the antibacterial property of the samples. Six discs were placed per plate and there were five plates prepared per treatment. The media were incubated at about 37°C for 24 hours. From the results, the calculated mean for Hagonoy leaf extract’s diameter if 9.9833 mm. while the mean of the amoxicillin solution is 10 mm. The computed T Test for the 2 independent variables is -0.32713529, which is less than the critical value. Hence, at 95% confidence level, there is no significant difference between Hagonoy leaf extract and Amoxicillin. From the results, the study affirms that Hagonoy has exhibited Antibacterial Property.

    1. Relationship Between the Distance and Frequency of Symptoms among Residents Surrounding Dumaguete Dumpsite

    Mitzi Joyce C. Baryl

    Niel Thomas A. Capili

    Nova Joyce B. Ladion

    Carla Marie T. Pileo

    Suzanne S. Tomaroy

    Symptoms of health problems result from a reservoir that breeds life to the pathogens that cause health problems. That source could be as small as a puddle or as big as a hill, depending on the environmental factors the rate of its influence could become even more devastating. This research aims to identify the relationship of the distance of the Candau-ay dumpsite to the frequency of symptoms of health problems that occur in the residency of the people living nearby. Data were gathered through syndromic monitoring using a checklist among households on the five zones within the one-kilometer radius of the dumpsite. These are the areas Mother Rita, Candau-ay, Scandinavian Housing, Before Candau-ay Elementary, and lastly the area in the immediate vicinity of the dumpsite itself. The symptoms were classified by the organ systems that were relevant to the health problems that may be caused by a reservoir, such as the dumpsite. Variables such as wind direction and water system analysis were taken into consideration. Results show that respiratory symptoms were prevalent among the 5 zones covered, while integumentary problems occur in the zone nearest to the dumpsite. It is also noted that the zone nearest to the dumpsite have the most incidence of health problems.

    1. Relationship Between Level of Awareness and Practices of Clients in Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital on Solid Waste Management

    Grace Rhea Panglao

    Roxan Rafal

    Mae Ann Sarona

    Geia Sta. Ana

    Shalomae Siason

    Princess Joy Enojo

    It is the aim of this study to determine the level of awareness and practices of clients in Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital on solid waste management where a total of 100 participants are involved. Furthermore, this study determined the relationships among demographic profile, level of awareness, and practices of clients to solid waste management. Results show that there is a significant relationship between the client’s level of awareness and practices on solid waste management. Sex is not correlated with awareness nor practices. Educational attainment is significantly correlated on the client’s level of awareness but not on practices. It is hereby recommended that healthcare institutions enhance their awareness programs in Solid Waste Management, for this may lead to enhanced practices. These programs should not be a “one-size-fits-all” approach and should be designed well to suit the client’s educational attainment. 

    1. The Most Copious Trash in SPUD Creek

    Noelyn Siapno

    Cyra Eballes

    Trash became one of the most serious problems the society is facing right now. As the population of the country rises, the problem on solid waste management also rises. Inadequate solid waste has posed serious health risks due to improper waste disposal. Some of these waste materials are composed of chemicals which give several negative effects, such as pollution, destruction of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, death of living organisms, and numerous health problems. This issue is not only a problem in the Philippines, but became a global commodity. It is for this reason that the researchers decided to come up with a study that would help the school identify the most abundant trash entering the school’s vicinity. A collection of trash in the creek for five consecutive days was done. The researches have classified the trashes collected according to its source, size, and types. Based on the collected data, a proposed solution to lessen the waste materials is given and stated. A total of 44 waste materials were collected in a time frame of five days. In a day, an approximate number of 9 pieces will go to the sea eventually to the ocean. In a month, there will be 279 pieces of waste materials that will be flowing to the oceans. In a year, a total 3, 285 waste materials will be deposited to the ocean. 

    1. Socio-economic Status of Fishermen in Poblacion, Sibulan, Negros Oriental - Isa Marie B. Gravador 

    The study was designed to assess and determine the socio-economic status of fishermen in Poblacion, Sibulan, Negros Oriental, specifically in Purok 5 and Purok 5A. The study was conducted during the second week of December 2017. This was accomplished by using the Cebuana-translated CARDOZA questionnaire in collecting data on (1) fishermen’s profile, (2) fishing activities, (3) marketing scheme, (4) income, and (5) problems. Results of the study revealed that the fishermen of Purok 5 and 5A were all males with different age groups. Majority of them were married and most have a household size of 4-6. In terms of educational level, majority of Purok 5 and Purok 5A were only high school and elementary graduates. Majority are already in their 31-40 years of fishing. Moreover, there were many reasons why the fishermen indulge in fishing. Most of them spent 3-8 hours in fishing and fish 7 days a week. Majority of the fishermen of Purok 5 and Purok 5A have an income that falls within and above the basic wage which is Php 323. Yet, it is not really considered as a daily wage for the fishermen, for it also depends on the season and weather. There were different problems that the fishermen of both purok encounter which include strong winds, waves and storms, replacement of gears, low or no catch of fish, trash, and none at all. On the other hand, the best method of fishing of the fishermen of Purok 5 and Purok 5A is the method “pamasol” or using of fishing line. 

    1. Benefits and Utilization of Education Games in Learning Intermediate Algebra among Students of St. Paul University Dumaguete

    Ray Marimat

    Jhon Cruise Solamillo

    This study aimed to identify the benefits of using educational games in teaching mathematics, the extent of math teacher’s utilization as well as the lessons where teachers can easily and hardly apply games. The researchers then used quantitative-descriptive method to explain the numerical results from Grade 9 students of St. Paul University Dumaguete who were taken purposively. The questionnaire used was adapted and modified from the research of Robert Blunt (2008) to fit the purpose. Furthermore, to analyze the data, percentage and weighted mean were utilized. Findings showed that respondents strongly agreed on the benefits educational games can provide for the students. However, teachers were perceived to not always using them in teaching Intermediate Algebra. Moreover, due to its nature, challenging lessons were the least to be incorporated with educational games. It is therefore recommended to plan for, identify or craft, and compile games appropriate to the different math lessons for effective implementation. Inclusion of students in identifying or crafting games is also recommended. Lastly, expansion of this research to other math subjects is also encouraged.

    1. The Effectiveness of Immunization Among School-aged Children in Selected Barangays of Dumaguete City

    Donna Marie L. Eumague

    Johara Rina J. Lerado

    Cherrica Mae Malongo

    Nico Anthony A. Tumapang

    Vaccination offers immunization which makes an individual resistant or immune to certain diseases. However, research has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of immunization program based on three factors including immunization status, the rate of infection, and prevention effectiveness of vaccines. This study included school-aged children who received their immunization between the years 2006-2010. A total of 208 participants were selected using quota sampling from three barangays in Dumaguete City: Taclobo, Calindagan, and Batinguel. Immunization record logs from health centers and an interview checklist were utilized as research instruments. Results show that almost all children had complete immunization, although some of them received theirs not on schedule. A significant portion of the population was noted to experience symptoms of measles and mumps, making MMR the only vaccine that has an effectivity rate below acceptable levels.

    LUMINESCENCE “Illuminating Academic Papers for Innovated Professionals”

    The Luminescence is a compilation of academic theses and dissertation papers of the Graduate School students. This publication deals with enthralling topics about theories and practices in the fields of education, business administration, public administration, and nursing.

    ADVOCATES “Teach, Venture, and Care”

    The Advocates is a special publication, highlighting the “heart” aspect of the university. This journal features community extension programs and activities that involve teaching, business ventures, and healthcare. The voluntary involvement of the Paulinian Sisters, teachers, staff, and students live up to the institution’s mission and ideals of St. Paul our Patron and to its motto, “Caritas Christi Urget Nos!”

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