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    The Research and Publications Office aims to build and grow a sustainable SPUD reputation in research by engaging faculty, staff and students in pursuing the university’s research agenda, by sharing research-based knowledge to others through publishing its research papers and journals, and by integrating these knowledge into curricular offerings or administrative processes through cooperative relationships with other university units.

    As a catholic school, SPUD engages in scientific research to be prepared to respond to the problems and needs of students and teachers and offer a valuable contribution to education and society, as well. To encourage its students and all its personnel to engage in research, the Research and Publications Office came up with three (3) school publications that would serve as a venue for the publication of their research outputs. These are Synergy for student research, Luminescence for the Graduate School research, and Confluence for the faculty & staff research.

    The Research Office conducts research fora and lectures for the SPUD faculty members, office staff and students. It also conducts the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of SPUD Personnel and such other surveys that may be conducted by the other departments like the Guidance Center, the Finance Office, etc.

    In keeping with the times, the Research Office has been partnering with other government and private institutions like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Agriculture (DA), Asian College and Silliman University, to name a few. It also establishes linkages with international organizations and universities to further enhance its research capabilities.



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