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  • Peace Advocacy

    Peace Advocacy is the umbrella of the three other advocacies of all Paulinian schools, namely Environmental Advocacy; Pro-life Advocacy and Disaster Management Advocacy. It provides avenues for Paulinians to experience holistic formation in order for them to become catalysts of change in our society through their selfless and voluntary membership and participation in community outreach endeavors to put flesh to our motto: Paulinians are for others, - to respond to the challenges of our times- to become bearers of hope in our society marred by our insensitivity to environmental issues and the culture of death bringing, into one- the destruction of humanity through natural and man-made calamities.

    Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Advocacy

    The social participation and disaster management and risk reduction advocacy of Saint Paul University Dumaguete which is embedded in the peace initiatives of the university is organized to install the culture of volunteerism and social participation among the Paulinian Community. It promotes the general welfare of the community and spearheads the humanization measures to develop social awareness, public safety and reduction of the vulnerabilities to disaster.


    Purpose and Objective:

    • To equip the members of the core team necessary knowledge and skills pertaining to disaster management and social participation.
    • To strengthen the implementation of disaster management program in the university and partner communities.
    • To encourage more volunteers to participate in the implementation of the disaster management advocacy.
    • To promote sustainability of the advocacy.

    Pro-life Advocacy

    Pro-life is composed of dedicated Paulinians committed to protect, support and preserve life from the moment of fertilization to natural death in accordance to the Catholic Church’s teachings.


    Purpose and Objective:

    • To provide awareness among the members of Paulinian community and partner communities the importance of preserving and protecting human life.
    • To internalize the value of life among the people.
    • To intensify the existing programs that promotes life in and outside the SPUD campus.
    • To develop the community imbedded with the culture of life in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    Environmental Advocacy

    SPUD advocacy, voluntarism for environment restoration and sustainability. Advocacy-lead, and operate environmental interest with passion and commitment.


    Purpose and Objective:

    • To promote environmental stewardship within SPUD and larger community.
    • To facilitate the restoration and sustainability of natural ecosystem.
    • To enrich the community sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

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