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  • Student Health and Welfare

    Students may avail of the services and facilities of the College Medical and dental clinics:


    A. Objectives:

    1. To protect and promote the health of the students enrolled in the school.
    2. To attend to minor ailments among its population and to such emergencies as ma arise within the campus and during class hours.
    3. To improve the Medical and Dental Health services of the students.
    4. To help maintain a hygienic and sanitary condition of the school and its premise.

    B. Staff

    1. Two part-time school Physicians.
    2. One part-time Dentist.
    3. One full-time Registered Nurse or a team of part-time Registered Nurses

    C. Activities

    1. Physical Examinations
    2. School Sanitation
    3. Promotion of Health
    4. Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases in School.



    The committee oversees the general discipline and conduct of the students inside and outside the class. It is resposible for the implementation and revision of the disciplinary guidelines. it establishes clear goals based on the mission statement and objectives of the department. It is a consultative body that handles grave disciplinary problems of students, receives and reviews evidences of any reported violations to non-academic policies, and recommends sanctions to the Principal

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