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  • Student Goverment

    Encouraging students to raise their needs and pursue their interests.


    Paulinian Supreme Student Government (PSSG)

    College Department composed of officers and members elected at large by the students. This council is primarily entrusted with the responsibility of serving as a liaison between the administration and the students. The other responsibilities include the enforcement of discipline and order in the campus, planning and coordination of the different programs of activities affecting the college particularly the Intramurals, Foundation Day, Christmas, College Day and to serve as a form for the students to express their views and opinions on matters affecting the school.

    The Council of Coordinators will be under the supervision of the College Dean, through the Head of Student Affairs. The officers of the Council of Coordinators act in coordination with the Head of Student Affairs as well as with the members of the Council of Coordinators. On activities closely related to the instructional program of the different colleges like English Week, Education Week, Paulcee Week, etc., the Dean s Council, subject to the approval of the President, shall promulgate rules, guidelines and policies governing the conduct of the body s affair.

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