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    by Aaron Frederick Rivadinera

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:39:35

    During the Department’s Religion month celebration activities were held on the 26th of January, an activity which is one of a kind was held. It was called “A Day with the Niños and Niñas”, which happened at the Mere Maria Hall.

    The school invited children from the day care together with their parents and their teachers. A program was held in the afternoon of that day, showing presentations of the graders, gifted dancers, who were representatives for the Pop Dance Competition during the school’s Foundation Week. Meanwhile, the Vocal Trio, which includes Celdrich Curaza, Mary Julianne Sadang and Monica Tumaca, sang Adele’s “Send my Love”. After the presentations, they were toured to the kinder classrooms, the playground and the Eco-Sanctuary. The tour was followed by the snacks. Each section took care of assigned children in their section/class.

    The children, parents and the teachers felt welcomed, as the students and teachers and also the GSSCC (Barangayette) Officers welcomed them to the school. It was a successful and tiring day, but the children went home with large smiles on their faces.

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