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    by Loribeth Sable, BSA IV

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:45:46

    One of the highlighted events of every Paulifounders Celebration is the Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. This year, it went with the theme “Warriors of the Earth.” It took place on the 25th of October 2018 at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall. The event was opened with a Spanish-inspired production number with the dance Flamenco. The candidates introduced themselves in Spanish as well. It was started off with the pair coming from the College of Nursing (CON) followed by the College of Arts and Education (CAED), Junior High School, Senior High School 1, Senior High School 2, and the College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT).

    The panel of judges were who got to scrutinize the candidates were Ms. Nannie May Talam, Mr. Giovanni Viter, Ms. Leaxandria Dela Cerna, Mr. John Elmar Ortega, and the Ms. Leah Sicat- Reyes (Chairman). The candidates presented their talents, most of which did song numbers with interpretative dances. However, seemingly wanting to stand out from the mainstream, the Senior High School 1 candidates delivered a heartfelt spoken word poetry about their chosen advocacy. 

    Shades of blue were then seen as the candidates strode the stage in their evening wear. Everyone was in awe as the candidates walked on the stage with poise and elegance. Afterwards, they were asked to join the hosts for the preliminary interview for the judges to get to know their advocacy more.

    For minor awards, the Man of the Press was awarded to Senior High School 1 and the Woman of the Press was awarded to Senior High School 2. The Mr. and Ms. Photogenic award were garnered by Senior High School 2 and College of Nursing, respectively. Meanwhile, Mr. and Ms. Professionalism awards were given to both the candidates coming from the Junior High School department. The Senior High School 1 candidate was awarded as Mr. Congeniality while the College of Nursing was awarded as Ms. Congeniality. The Best in Production number were Mr. Senior High 2 and Ms. Senior High School 1 while the Best Speaker award was given to both Senior High School 1 candidates. Junior High School candidate was awarded Best in Talent while Mr. College of Nursing and Ms. Junior High School won the People’s Choice award. Lastly, Best in Formal Wear were Mr. Junior High School and Ms. College of Nursing.

    After the special and minor awards, the Top 3 Advocacies were then revealed. Everyone was rooting for their bets and the crowd held their breaths as the hosts then announced the winners, namely College of Nursing, Senior High School 2, and Junior High School.

    In the previous years, the ones with the best advocacies were also the ones who will make it to the top three. It was partly true as the Junior High School and College of Nursing advanced forward. Unfortunately, it was not the same fate with the Senior High School 2 as Senior High School 1 managed to steal the last spot.

    One by one, the pairs were asked the question which will determine this year’s Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. As the crowd waited for the results, Ms. Amzelle Laspinas took her final walk as last year’s reigning Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill 2017.

    Pressure and tension filled the air as the hosts received the envelope containing the results. The third spot was garnered by Mr. Junior High School and Ms. College of Nursing while the second spot was garnered by Mr. Senior High School 1 and Ms. Junior High School. Finally, this year’s Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill were Mr. College of Nursing and Ms. Senior High School 1.

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