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  • GSP-BSP Encampment Activity

    by Monica Tumaca

    Posted on 2018-04-11 13:46:19

    Last December 2, 2017, the Girl Scouts, Start Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cab Scouts together with their moderators had an Encampment Activity at the SPUD Ball field. In the morning, the scouts set up their tents. In the afternoon, they formally opened the encampment program. The Scouts gathered in patrols to start the knot-tying activity. They learned how to have teamwork and cooperation in each group. After learning the different kinds of knot-tying, a contest followed to test if the scouts mastered the skill. After the contest, the scouts practiced their presentations about saving and conserving the Environment. In the evening, scouts ate and took a short break. After the break, they gathered around the campfire to officially start the campfire activity. During the activity, the scouts performed their presentations about saving and conserving the environment. When the campfire activity was finished, the scouts had to rest early in order for them to be active for the next day’s activity.

    When Sunday morning came, they woke up at 4:00 AM and got themselves ready for the mass at the SPUD Chapel. After the mass the scouts were served with the breakfast. After breakfast, the scouts were getting ready for the mangrove planting in Amlan, Negros Oriental . While the Star and Cab Scouts had their Fun Race at the GS Ground. When the Girl and Boy Scouts arrived in Amlan, they started planting Mangroves. They had a Coastal Clean Up along their way, while the Star and Cab Scouts enjoyed the games. After the Fun Race, they practiced for their silent drill and ate the lunch ahead. When the Girl and Boy Scouts arrived from Amlan, they were tired and were served immediately. After eating their lunch, the Scouts took a short break, and after that they gathered as a Patrol for the last activity the survival cooking, where they cooked rice using a bamboo. The Scouts did a great job in this activity because they had teamwork and cooperation. Right after the survival cooking, it was the Girl and Boy Scouts turn to have the Fun Race and the games. The Scouts gathered for the awarding and the giving of badges for those who did well in the two day enrichment activity. Wow! The Scouts really enjoyed the activity! Turned out the two day activity became a one week activity for me with enjoyable activities and new experiences. Scouting is not just about the camping activities. It is about learning new things and knowing new persons.

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