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  • Grade 10 Catechesis

    by Kayla Eunice Mercado

    Posted on 2018-04-30 10:50:58

    Catechesis is a way of educating our young brothers and sisters in the community, and our way of partaking in the three-fold mission of Christ.

    Being a Catechist isn^^t as simple and easy as it sounds. As always, there are struggles and problems that hold us back during the process. For two whole months, I experienced firsthand how it was being a Catechist. A process in which, without teamwork, would not have been possible. Everything was tough, from preparing the visual aids, making up games to entertain the children, and rushing up lunch just to be in time for school. I am glad to have been there for a few weeks, stressing about God while professing my faith, in under 30 minutes. In spite of all these hardships, I have no regrets at all.

    To the next batch of Catechist^^s, grab this opportunity so that children know and love our God , profess faith and do with love.

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