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    by Abigail Ramirez

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:43:50

    “Mainstreaming Paulinian Ingenuity, Solidarity, and Sportsmanship through Interculturality.” Paralleled by this year’s Paulimpiad theme, the Night of Dance kicked off with a production number participated by two representatives from each performing groups. A variety of hues from their costumes radiated across the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall as they danced to the beat of the music. Although different, they complemented each other’s get-up which translated the essence of the theme. Indeed, in the words of Paulinian Student Government (PSG) President Mr. Angelo de Guzman, “We are one in heart.”

    The Night of Dance held last October 23, 2018 was an avenue for Paulinian students to speak the hidden language of the body’s soul. Getting the best of both the traditional and modern worlds, two types of dances were performed by each participating departments: folk dance and pop dance, respectively.

    The folk dance competition highlighted the Filipino culture and tradition. The order of performances were as follows: (1) College of Nursing with Inagta; (2) College of Arts and Education with Panulo sa Baybayon; (3) Junior High School with Kuratsa; (4) Grade School with Las Panderetas; (5) Senior High School 1 with Kiriwkiw; (6) Senior High School 2 with Tinolabong; and (7) College of Business and Information Technology with Inalimango. All the performances were equally great and it was as if the audience was taken back to the simple and humble times of the Filipino people. One group in particular, however, captured and accurately showcased their dance of choice with their white loose costumes which elevated their elegant movements in mimicking the bird ‘tolabong.’ This was the Senior High School 2 with their Tinolabong dance. The second place was garnered by the College of Arts and Education’s Panulo sa Baybayon while the College of Business and Information Technology’s Inalimango dance stole the third spot. The College of Arts and Education also won Best in Costume.

    Keeping up with the trend is the Pop Dance Competition. The order of performances were just the same as the order in the Folk Dance Competition. One of the highlights was the performance from the Grade School department as they appealed to the most popular trend of this generation—the K-Pop or Korean Pop. In the end, it was the Junior High School contestants that managed to claim the first place as well as the Best in Costume and Best in Choreography awards followed by the CBIT and Senior High School 2 in second and third places, respectively.

    All the departments gave their all during the Night of Dance and saw each other as competition. Some won and some lost, but results aside, everyone had a good time and truly propagated the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. In the end, all contestants are Paulinian brothers and sisters. With that, the Night of Dance was concluded with the singing of the Paulinian hymn.

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