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  • Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

    by Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Posted on 2017-10-07 11:47:05

    St. Paul University Dumaguete- College of nursing has been very active in academic activities as well as community extension services. The department has been indulging in different activities for the development of the students. On September 19, 2017 the third year nursing students with the batch name of “The Benevolent stewards of God’s salutatory, solicitous love and sympathy” had their retreat, which is a group withdrawal for prayer and spiritual enrichment prior to their Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony on September 23, 2017 held at St. Paul University Chapel at 2 in the afternoon. All third year nursing students wore their white uniform with pride as they marched at the aisle and received their lamps and nurses cap as they sang their batch song “At The Beginning.”

    On September 24, 2017, the freshmen and senior students showed their passion for their brothers and sisters through engaging in prison ministry. They educated the inmates about the awareness of hypertension and diabetes mellitus and how it could affect the health of an individual.

    On September 28, 2017, the Paulinian Student Nurses Association took the initiative to have the general assembly and departmental listing conducted in the AVR at 4 pm in preparation for the Paulimpiad 2017 activities. On the same day, the nursing students also attended the general rehearsal for the upcoming Recognition Day, a day in which all achievements of the students will be recognized by many. On September 29, 2017, all students who are opted to receive their individual awards for the academic and non-academic achievements attended the Recognition Day held at the Open Hall at 3 in the afternoon. Mr. James Anthony D. Ortega, fourth year nursing student was given a total of eleven (11) awards.

    • Service- Institutional
    • Service- Departmental
    • Departmental Leadership
    • Institutional Leadership
    • Service- PRU
    • Service- Campus Integrity Crusaders
    • Community Involvement- EDC Ambassador
    • Community Involvement- GIED
    • Community Involvement- PVCD- Care
    • Performing Arts Institutional- Dance
    • Performing Arts Departmental- Sing

    There were four students from the fourth year nursing students that was given the privilege and honor to receive the academic award-Clinical Efficiency namely Sydelle Thelma P. Gravador, Quennie Dawn Reso, Hissovi Gwyn C. Baroro&Jhelena T. Bandico.

    On October 3, 2017, theMr&Ms Ambassador candidates from the College of Nursing implemented their activities such as Segregate My Own Trash at the MRF & Cleanest Classroom.

     The College of Nursing are showing enthusiasm in every activity whether inside the institution or in the community and future activities will arise within the department to uphold and uplift the essence of service and voluntarism.

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