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    by Rochelle Joyce Vidal, BSA IV

    Posted on 2018-09-17 10:36:38

    The Paulinian Student Government (PSG) once again hosted the clubs and organizations listing dubbed as ISKAPARATE 2018 with the theme “Mainstreaming Interculturality Through Paulinian Organizations: Solidarity Begins Where Individualism Ends” last August 2, 2018. The ISKAPARATE started with the presentation of booths and club listing at the main lobby of the College Building. The different clubs and organizations collaborated in encouraging students to participate and be part of the respective organizations ranging from media, academic, spiritual, service, and cultural.

    The official list of clubs and organizations are as follows:
    • ANINAW - Theater Arts Guild (TAG), Dance Ensemble, and Choir
    • Campus Integrity Crusaders (CIC)
    • Children of Mary (COM)
    • Guidance Buddies (GBudz)
    • Knights of the Altar (KOA)
    • Paulinian Arts Society (PaRTS)
    • Paulinian Debate Society
    • Paulinian Noble Society (PNS)
    • Paulinian Photographers’ Guild (PPG)
    • Public Relations Unit (PRU)
    • Pundok sa Liturhikanong Magsasangyaw (PSALM)
    • Red Cross Youth (RCY)
    • The Paulinian – The Official School Publication

    The culminating activity was held at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall in the afternoon. The PSG, headed by Student Affairs Manager Mrs. Maria Rowena Masicampo, led the program with the help of the members of the board of judges, namely: Atty. Ophelia Arbon, CPA, Mr. Alexander Baena, and Mr. John Aldwin Abalos. The event capped off with the various presentations of the different clubs as they showcased and presented the uniqueness of each organization.

    The Public Relations Unit (PRU) was acknowledged and awarded as having this year’s Best Booth Presentation while the Best Presentation of Club award was garnered by the ANINAW Theater Arts Guild (ANINAW-TAG). The most number of points and the most number of exposure and facilitating activities for their club was awarded to the Campus Integrity Crusaders (CIC).

    The Paulinian Clubs and Organizations provide opportunities for the students to develop and enhance their God-given talents, skills, and leadership and at the same time stimulate their initiative, creativity, responsibility, cooperation, and social awareness. It also provides the students with opportunities for learning in an informal setting and addresses some of their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. Hence, it contributes to the total development and formation of every Paulinian.

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