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    by Mr. Cliford Kilat, RN, MAN

    Posted on 2018-11-23 11:24:45

    The Strategic Research and Development Center Incorporated, in partnership with the University of Cebu, has invited St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) for a three-day workshop seminar on “Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis.” In consonance with the research commitment of the school, Research Office Officer-in-charge Ms. Irish Sequihod-Udtohan and Research Associate Mr. Cliford Kilat have represented SPUD in the said workshop last October 22-24, 2018 at the University of Cebu, Cebu City.

    The workshop was attended by approximately 200 participants from different schools as well as from the government and private agencies nationwide. Based on this heterogeneous group, one can say that this activity is impressive. Indeed, in contrast with the misperceived difficulty on statistics, the workshop enabled the participants to appreciate the process of statistical analysis. While some statistical tests seemed to be common to most, many of the participants have realized the more profound background as to its assumptions and application.

    Comprehensively, the importance of determining the level of measurements before undergoing testing was discussed. Also, the resource speaker provided an in-depth discussion and assisted the participants for a hands-on interpretation using the software SPSS. More so, fulfilling statistical assumptions were emphasized that many of the participants have gained insights too. These assumptions included interpretation of skewness, kurtosis, box plot, steam and leaf, Kolmogorov-Shapiro, and Levene’s test to identify the normality of distribution. Many of the participants have appreciated its usefulness in conducting research as these assumptions serve as a springboard on deciding appropriate statistical tests. For example, if we failed to meet the assumptions on Independent T-test, Mann Whitney Test may be used. Kruskall Wallis is also employed if assumptions of normality on ANOVA are not met. Qualitative data analysis was also discussed by the resource speaker focusing on identifying “nodes” for responses and analyzed through quantitative approached. This three-day workshop was sufficient enough to learn statistics.

    This three-day workshop serves as a capacity-building means for SPUD’s faculty members. In turn, the members of the Research Team commit themselves to capacitate their colleagues in research, teachers, and students by cascading and sharing the knowledge they have acquired.

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