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    by Erriah May Noay and Jeff Edwards Catabay

    Posted on 2018-09-17 10:20:40

    On its 12th year, the Tertiary Paulinian Student Leaders Congress (TPSLC) 2018, with the theme “Paulinian Servant Leaders: Meeting the Challenges of Interculturality,” was held at St. Paul University Iloilo last July 19-21, 2018.

    Paulinian leaders from all over the Philippines gathered together to celebrate friendship and showcase distinct uniqueness despite interculturality. The leaders’ congress started off with a welcome dinner on the 18th of July, 2018. This was held to greet the delegates coming from the different SPC schools all over the Philippines. As the congress commenced, three esteemed personalities gave various talks in which they have imparted valuable advices and lessons to the Paulinian leaders. St. Paul University Manila Vice President for Christian Formation Sr. Jesusa Taccad SPC gave a talk about the Paulinian Formation Program. This talk truly awakened every Paulinian leader in their sociocultural and spiritual aspect in serving others. The Executive Assistant IV of Iloilo City Mayor’s Office, Dr. Perla Zulueta, talked about the leadership throughout time. And lastly, Dr. Rey Gonzalez, a professor from the University of the Philippines Visayas, defined and shared his insights on Interculturality. This has been considered as one of the highlights from all the talks given. The student leaders have truly witnessed how to break barriers and build connection despite varied traits, beliefs, and perceptions in life.

    Paulinian leaders from all over the country were also given a chance to meet and interact with each other through various activities and team-building games that have indeed strengthened the bond among Paulinian leaders. To attest that Paulinians aren’t just great servant leaders but also multitalented individuals, a showcase of cultural songs and dances has illuminated the center stage during the “TPSLC Cultural Night.”

    The 12th TPSLC has indeed become a great avenue for Paulinian servant leaders to ignite the fire and keep it burning. The participants were united under one common goal which is to end individualism and commence solidarity. With Christ as the core, a true Paulinian servant leader can truly make anything happen!

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