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    by Abigail G. Ramirez (BSN 1-B)

    Posted on 2018-08-29 11:21:46

    “1…2…3…Push!” instructs the doctor as he assists the first-time mother during delivery.

    The start of students’ life in college is compared to that of a birthing process. They grow in a comfortable environment—the uterus—where they develop distinct characteristics and are constantly nourished and provided with the necessary things they need by their mothers through the umbilical cord.

    But there will always be a time in students’ lives where the comforts of their environment are no longer conducive for growth and development. In response to this, they are disturbed and taken away from their natural habitat.

    Students pass through a narrow gate—the cervix—where they struggle and fight for survival. Their unfamiliarity with the environment is the perfect avenue for them to show and test their skills and abilities in handling circumstances. Mimicking these events is the “Birthing Process” activity initiated by the Nursing department.

    The “Birthing Process” has long been a tradition of the College of Nursing where the Level II to IV nursing students, spearheaded by the Seniors, welcome the Level I student nurses by subjecting them to a series of tasks and missions. This year’s theme, “The Greatest Show: Your Uniqueness is Your Magic,” takes inspiration from the recent Hollywood movie The Greatest Showman.

    The different tasks and missions instilled values such as rapport, patience, persistence, teamwork, discipline, and cooperation into the minds and hearts of the freshmen student nurses. It also lightened the mood in the department amidst the stress and demands of the course.

    The thing that keeps students going is the hope that there is a light after the tunnel. But before that, they need to pass through one last challenge—the vagina.

    All the challenges faced on the first three days of the four-day “Birthing Process” led to one final mission—to have The Greatest Show on earth. The culminating activity was held last July 26, 2018, Thursday, at the Mere Maria Hall from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Carnival hues filled the hall as student nurses showed off their theme costumes and headdresses. There was also tension among the Level I nursing students as they delivered their presentations one by one.

    Finally, with one last push, the students are out and exposed to the real world. For the Level I students, the NURSING DEPARTMENT is the light after the tunnel.

    As they venture to the outside world, they’re left to decide whether they want to blend in or stand out from the crowd. In the “Birthing Process,” it was the Section C who rose to the top. Joshua Ordef Orrelano, a first year Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, was declared as The Greatest Showman alongside Shannen Keziah V. Guatelara, also a first year BSN student, who was hailed as The Greatest Showwoman. Two BSN I-A students—Erriah May N. Noay and Miller M. Villo—garnered the Best Headdress and Best Costume awards, respectively.

    The “Birthing Process” is one of the most painful experiences one can undergo. It is truly amazing, however, how a mere change of vantage point can reveal such wonders deep within the essence of the process of giving birth.

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