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  • The Thought Behind Giving Is Worth More Than The Gift Itself.

    by Wellrose Gale Pacot, BSBA 4

    Posted on 2018-01-23 10:08:36

    The St. Paul University Dumaguete, College of Business and Information Technology, conducted a giving of school supplies to the selected elementary school in Dumaguete city last January 10, 2018.

    Students from different programs under CB-IT were ignited and volunteered to participate the said event. Each program was composed of three (3) to five (5) students who helped the event become a success. As the ride to the chosen schools started, you can already see the excitement everyone had projected. Upon the arrival of the Volunteers in the Area, a sense of eagerness to talk to the kids elongated. The students from the chosen elementary schools – Candau-ay Elementary School and Looc Elementary School - were given a pair of shoes, set of socks, and enough supplies for school. HAPPINESS was visible. But It is not just the thing that matters, it is not about the late presents, the act of just showing people we’re generous, rather it is always about the thought of making those children feel that someone still cares. No one can hide the feeling of blissful, joy and satisfaction. The Volunteers of this Gift giving were in a total happiness seeing that the students were truly happy of what they’ve received. Life has never been easy for them, life was a little bit harsh to them, but they are more fortunate than us because for them it is not the money that counts, it is living your life in a good and positive way. The whole event took up all the hours in the morning but nobody felt exhausted, nor burnout, nobody was even complaining about the vicious hunger everyone was feeling, the obvious grumbling of their stomach, the striking heat from the sun and the long hours of standing because everyone was busy looking at the beautiful faces and sincere smiles the children is giving us. Thus, at the bottom part of the experience, the children had taught each and every volunteer a unique lesson in life, and that is; being happy.

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