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  • Welcoming the Academic Year 2019-2020 with the Holy Spirit Mass

    by Pia Antoinette O. Jumawan

    Posted on 2019-07-12 13:19:27

    The institutional Holy Spirit Mass took place in the St. Paul the Apostle Chapel last July 10, 2019. It wasn^^t like any other regular mass — it literally owns up to its name, each element of the mass duly invoking and inviting the Holy Spirit to come upon us. Our school celebrates the Holy Spirit Mass annually, at the beginning of the school year, so that we, Paulinians, will start our school year right. What^^s a better way to kick-start our new school year with guidance by the Holy Spirit? Thus, the reason for this annual celebration.

    Rev. Fr. Clyde Flores, our University Chaplain, mentioned in his homily the story of a father speaking with his daughter about putting a carrot, a raw egg, and a coffee bean in boiling water. I believe he related this story to how we should all be when placed in the presence of the Holy Spirit — we do not become weak, nor do we become hard, but we should all become what stimulates change and good influence as we are blessed with the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely: wisdom, fortitude, knowledge, fear of the Lord, counsel, understanding, and piety.

    Before the final blessing, Fr. Clyde, along with the lay ministers, went around the chapel — inside and outside — blessing the students with Holy Water, which made the celebration even more meaningful than it already was. It was truly the best part of the mass, wrapping up a celebration for invocation for the Holy Spirit to our institution and its intentions and plans, and then blessing the students with holy water for a significant purpose.

    The Holy Spirit Mass is indeed one of the most beautiful mass celebrations we celebrate as Paulinians because it reflects how we prioritize God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit in the means of gathering all the students at once. The mass was truly a success because not only did it end well — it has lifted the spirits of Paulinian Students of St. Paul University Dumaguete. It was only right that we celebrate this annually, once a year, so that we could call upon the Holy Spirit and trust in Him as He showers upon people with gifts. Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

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