Reading and English Month Culmination 2024

MAR 11

Reading and English Month Culmination 2024

St. Paul University Dumaguete Basic Education Department concluded its English Month celebration last March 8, 2024. The culmination was anchored on the theme: "Refining Communication Competence and Creativity toward Synodal and Transformative Education”.

The program aimed to showcase students' talents and creativity while fostering a deeper appreciation for literature. Students participated in various activities and events highlighting different English language and literature aspects. From storytelling sessions to declamation competitions and literary quizzes.

The culminating program offered opportunities for students to develop their communicative and creative skills. The event featured a wide range of student performances such as creative storytelling, original song composition,

declamation, broadcasting, and song performances which showcased the diverse talents of Paulinians.

The Reading and English Month Culminating Program was a resounding success, providing students with a platform to explore their creativity, share their love for language and literature, and make a positive impact in their community. The program served as a reminder of the importance of language and literature in our lives.