The Paulinian family recently held its annual

SEP 23

The Paulinian family recently held its annual

The Paulinian family recently held its annual "Career Day" for the youngest members of the family, the Kindergarten pupils. The event was organized by the Guidance Center to help the children get inspired and excited about different career options from an early age.

The career day featured numerous interesting activities and presentations designed to introduce the children to different careers that they could pursue when they grow up. One of the activities that the kindergarten pupils and parent enjoyed was dressing up as professionals, which allowed them to pretend to be professionals in different fields. They were dressed up as doctors, engineers, chefs, veterinarians, police officers, and firemen, among others, as they got to learn what each of these professionals does on a daily basis.

The event was a huge success, with the children showing excitement and enthusiasm throughout the activity.

The Guidance Center in coordination with the Basic Education Department would like to thank our adorable Kindergarten pupils with their very energetic adviser Teacher Dormelona and their supportive parents. Also, to the Paulinian Psychology Society for making the Guidance Awareness 2023- Career Day a success!

To our Kindergarten pupils remember that each one of you is truly special and unique. And you are all superstars. So, keep dreaming big and aiming high for your future careers!