SPUD welcomes Indonesian Universities

OCT 16

SPUD welcomes Indonesian Universities

St. Paul University Dumaguete recently played host to a delegation of rectors, vice-rectors, deans, and department heads from four distinguish universities in Indonesia. The delegation was composed of representatives from Duta Wacana Christian University, Ottow Geissler University, Halmahera University, and Wira Wacana Christian University.

The visit aimed to strengthen the academic and research collaboration between St. Paul University Dumaguete with partner universities in Indonesia. The visit started with a warm welcome by Sr. Mila Grace Silab, SPC, University President, and Mr. Erven Noay, Head of the External Affairs office.

Dr. Marissa Carale, Head of the Human Resource department, discussed the HR management practices of St. Paul University Dumaguete. She shared insights about the employee recruitment process, employee training, and development initiatives, employee satisfaction and welfare programs, and other HR practices implemented by the university.

Dr. Mary Francis Laquinon, VP Christian Formation, also shared the initiatives of St. Paul University Dumaguete on how to promote Christian values among the students and faculty members. She presented the university's programs and activities that aim to foster the spiritual, moral, and ethical growth of the university's community.

After the presentations, the delegates were accompanied by selected Tourism students as their guide for the campus tour. They had a chance to see the various school facilities, beautifully-manicured lawns, research centers, and academic departments of the university.

The visit provided an opportunity for the delegation to gain insight on how St. Paul University Dumaguete creates a holistic education for its students and contributes to the overall development of its community. The visit was also an avenue for a productive exchange of ideas, best practices, and future collaborative possibilities with the universities.

The visit of the delegation of rectors, vice-rectors, deans, and department heads from Indonesian universities highlights the importance of international academic collaboration and partnership in the fast-paced and ever-evolving international academic landscape. St. Paul University Dumaguete showed that the pathway to building excellent collaborations and partnerships is one way of creating opportunities for students, faculty, and institutions as a whole.