SPUD and DepEd City Division of Tanjay Collaborate in Benchmarking Activity

FEB 25

SPUD and DepEd City Division of Tanjay Collaborate in Benchmarking Activity

The Guidance personnel and designates of the Department of Education (DepEd) City Division of Tanjay recently participated in a benchmarking activity at St. Paul University Dumaguete. This collaborative benchmarking activity was made possible through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions. This agreement aimed to foster a strong partnership in the field of guidance and counseling services, as well as explore various avenues for collaboration. By working together, both institutions intended to enhance their student support systems and provide a comprehensive approach to holistic student development.

The benchmarking activity commenced with a warm welcome from Ms. Jeneviev Deang, Guidance Director of St. Paul University Dumaguete, and Mr. Erven Noay, Head of External Affairs/Marketing/Admission. The participants gathered in the Audio Visual Room, where the program began with an opening prayer.

The event designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building among the participants. This was achieved through an orientation and sharing of best practices in guidance services, as well as a training session on basic helping skills. These activities were planned to provide the DepEd City Division of Tanjay team with valuable insights and tools to enhance their guidance and counseling services.

Following the informative presentations, an open forum was conducted, allowing the participants to engage in discussions and share their thoughts on the various topics covered during the day. This interactive session further enriched the learning experience for all attendees and encouraged the exchange of ideas between the two institutions.

The collaboration between St. Paul University Dumaguete and the DepEd City Division of Tanjay serves as a shining example of how institutions can work together to improve the quality of guidance and counseling services provided to students. This benchmarking activity has undoubtedly strengthened their partnership and will pave the way for future collaborations aimed at fostering a supportive and nurturing educational environments for all learners.