LOOK || Two Paulinian Educators Participate in Banica River Rehabilitation Project

MAR 25

LOOK || Two Paulinian Educators Participate in Banica River Rehabilitation Project

Two educators from St. Paul University of Dumaguete, Mr. Alexander Baena and Mr. Mario Cual, have joined the R.I.V.E.Rs For Life - Banica River Rehabilitation project, a collaborative effort between PENRO Negros Oriental, PGNO-Environment and Natural Resources Department (ENRD), Silliman University (SU), Foundation University (FU), and the University itself. The project aims to rehabilitate the Banica River and ensure its preservation as an essential part of the ecosystem.

On March 23, the group conducted a water sampling activity at four replicate sites along the Banica River to test the physicochemical parameters, including turbidity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. The sampling took place at the upper stream (Tejeros), two intermediate mid-streams (Palinpinon and the Vida Royal sections), and finally at the lower stream (delta), or the Tinago Bridge.

PENRO Viernov Grefalde emphasized the importance of this partnership with Local Government Units (PLGU and BLGU) and the academe in protecting and preserving the Banica River. The water sampling activity is just one of many tasks undertaken by the group, which will continue throughout the year, including monitoring river characteristics during the dry and wet seasons.

Mr. Baena and Mr. Cual's involvement in the project highlights their commitment to environmental stewardship and their dedication to improving the water quality of the Banica River. The next scheduled tests are for Coliform Count on March 26 and another water sampling on April 20 to assess the water quality during the dry season.

As part of the Aesthetic and Water Quality Improvement Team, Mr. Baena and Mr. Cual will be responsible for monitoring the water quality of the Banica River, providing data, reports, and recommendations for collaborative action with other teams involved in the project. Their participation in this initiative showcases the ongoing efforts of St. Paul University Dumaguete to contribute to the conservation and protection of the environment and its vital resources.