SPUD ROTC Unit Excels in Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection 2024

MAY 04

SPUD ROTC Unit Excels in Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection 2024

SPU Dumaguete’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) unit showcased exceptional performance during the Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection (RAATI) 2024, held on May 3, 2024, at the SPUD ballfield. Led by the RAATI chairman, Colonel Lennon G. Babilonia, Master in National Security Administration (Inf) PA, the unit achieved an impressive score of 89.8%, affirming their dedication and competence.

The event started with the dignified Arrival Honor, setting the tone for a day of meticulous evaluation. The meticulous Start of Administrative and Office Inspection ensured that every aspect of the unit’s operations was scrutinized with precision. Following this, the Ceremonial Parade Evaluation and Inspection displayed the unit’s discipline and coordination, reflecting their commitment to excellence.

Company Drill and Military Stakes further highlighted the cadets’ proficiency in drill and their readiness for tactical challenges. The Theoretical Examination tested their knowledge and understanding of military concepts, while practical assessments in First Aid, Knot Tying, and Small Unit Tactics demonstrated their ability to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

The publication of the inspection results marked the culmination of the day’s events, with SPUD ROTCU proudly celebrating their noteworthy achievement.

Behind the success of this endeavor are individuals whose dedication and leadership propelled the unit forward. Sr. Mila Grace Silab, SPC, the University President, provided invaluable support and encouragement. Major Carlo C. Tobias (Inf) PA, the Commandant, played a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring the cadets. Acting Admin NCO, Corporal Roel J. Sagario (Inf) PA, ensured smooth administrative operations, while Mr. Mico Argallon, the NSTP Director, facilitated coordination and logistics. Additionally, the SPUD Band, under the leadership of Mr. Carmelo Elli, contributed a vibrant musical backdrop, further enhancing the atmosphere of achievement and camaraderie.

Special recognition is also due to the SPUD ROTCU Training Staff and all the cadets whose hard work and commitment contributed to the unit’s success. Their exemplary performance in the RAATI 2024 reflects the spirit of excellence and dedication that defines SPU Dumaguete’s ROTC program.

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